Make use of unique as appropriate
cc6f21c54963 — Chris Cannam 2 months ago
Speed up mlb expansion; add a -u option to show each filename only once (the first time it appears)
1a4fd3f3e753 — Chris Cannam 3 months ago
Dump command and output to a file
f26267d772c4 — Chris Cannam 3 months ago
Add debug mode to polyrepl
c34ab9a28379 — Chris Cannam 5 months ago
Consistent exit codes
b13071b1dbbf — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Fix sed invocation with slash in path
8c87f672bf33 — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Further comment
Support -o argument
Get correct output file for deps (according to the expectations of the build tool)
Add batch file for polybuild
Assume same dir for the polyml binary as for its libraries; insist on console mode for things built this way; come up with a sensible output executable name
Tweak to this scruffy thing
Script to build executables using Poly/ML on Windows
Bail out if something fails
Fewer sed invocations, make this a bit faster
Tweaks to some of our obscurer Windows attempts
The dep file needs to list the actual output as the target, not the basename of the mlb as mlb-dependencies emits
Have a go at extending the PS implementations with dependencies scripts
Pull out functions into separate PowerShell script