Looks like Github have removed their 16.04 image. Let's see whether it builds with 18.04 without any other changes
8d6314241be7 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Added tag v1.3 for changeset dbec01ea3331
dbec01ea3331 — Chris Cannam v1.3 7 months ago
Update simplejson and subxml (no functional changes)
50552b2aae82 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Retain ordering of entries in lock file when updating selectively
6085f4a60296 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
If operation fails for some libraries, do not update those in the lock file at the end. This should actually pass all tests, but the tests don't cope with the lock file being written in a different order - look into that
8c9f16c555a9 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Add test that exercises failure modes when a remote is inaccessible
Add optional insecure mode
Restore PATH on exit
Homebrew never ceases to baffle
Update Subxml code
Add lock file
We don't yet cope with default git branch names other than master (they have to be specified explicitly in the manifest) but to ensure archiving works where the parent repo has such an arrangement, we need to omit the branch name here rather than specify the wrong one
Added tag v1.2 for changeset e950638336fa
Explicitly ignore untracked files in status report from git and svn (as we always have done for hg); document
Replace Bitbucket reference in the sketchy minimal Windows test script
Switch from Travis to Github CI badges
Fix SML/NJ build
Install Mercurial as well; how odd, that a Github Actions image wouldn't come with Mercurial!
CI fixes: Homebrew is refusing (wrongly?) to install mlkit; this Ubuntu release needs libpolyml separately I think; add git config idents without which git refuses to cooperate