Pretty sure a direct map here is quicker
9490801c3677 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Fix warning
90e571752da8 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Add IntMatrix
2e811d12481a — Chris Cannam 10 months ago
Harmonise COPYING files
62b8202b688b — Chris Cannam 10 months ago
Add conversions to and from polymorphic vectors, and a conversion from the monomorphic vector type with unknown length (can be handy in the case where the caller doesn't actually have the structure to hand).
And foldli/foldri and failOnInfinities
Add increment
Rename ...AsVector etc functions so as to use short suffixes V, VS, VSV (vector, vector-slice, vector of vector-slices). The longer versions had potential for confusion with matrix slices, took up a lot of space, and were not actually very clear despite being longer
Use renamed structure
Adapt order
Add foldli, foldri
Merge from branch flat-everything. This switches to using complex and flat-vector implementations from a separate repo, and using flat-vector complex vector as internal storage for the complex matrix.
These bits of names are redundant
Pull out complex and complex vector into separate repo
Slightly quicker vector-slice-to-vector
We could in theory use the flat vectors throughout, rendering irrelevant all the work I did to allow matrices to separate their internal and external structures
OK, so we need separate rep2 and rep3 versions of everything. Hm
And experiment with using the flat vector for plain complex vector everywhere (I think this is not going to go well...)
Try a generic flat vector type