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Fix amazingly long-standing error in description of command-line arg
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@@ 110,7 110,7 @@ The Rubber Band command-line tool builds
 basic incantation is
-  $ rubberband -t <timeratio> -p <pitchratio> <infile.wav> <outfile.wav>
+  $ rubberband -t <timeratio> -p <semitones> <infile.wav> <outfile.wav>
 For example,

@@ 120,7 120,7 @@ For example,
 stretches the file `test.wav` to 50% longer than its original
-duration, shifts it up in pitch by one octave, and writes the output
+duration, shifts it up in pitch by a whole tone, and writes the output
 to `output.wav`.
 Several further options are available: run `rubberband -h` for help.