Layout fixes
64b14f822a69 — Chris Cannam 2 months ago
txt -> md
50b58b3dce4f — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Add reference to the .NET interface and its licence
46ca2f4da1e2 — Jonathan Gilbert 10 months ago
Added copyright notice with minimal license to each code file, per Chris Cannam.
a97b40b41288 — Jonathan Gilbert 10 months ago
Added some ignore patterns.
4a9ef245c384 — Jonathan Gilbert 10 months ago
Added project rubberband-dll to create Windows DLL files (32-bit and 64-bit)
that expose the Rubber Band API as a flat API that can be imported through
runtime linking.

Added project rubberband-sharp to provide a .NET wrapper of the rubberband-dll
files, dynamically dispatching to the 32- or 64-bit DLL based on the process
platform. Configured NuGet package creation, with compatibility for both
packages.config and PackageReference style consumers.
6990f06c9f49 — Chris Cannam 11 months ago
Avoid dependence on stdexcept by throwing a string here, for an internal error that is not supposed ever to be thrown or caught
1c96731060d6 — Chris Cannam 11 months ago
Include guard
0821a7add093 — Chris Cannam 11 months ago
Bring across current allocator from bqvec (it's less demanding of having the right preprocessor symbol set already)
OSX memory barrier bit
Fix build for FFTW_SINGLE_ONLY. Thanks to Andreas Müller
Added tag v1.8.2 for changeset fa6a54be7e6b
+ ios build
+ ladspa!
+ vamp sdk
+ fftw
Possible CI fixes
First cut travis/appveyor files
Backport fixes for IPP v9