Very simple sample app for Android using the Rubber Band Library
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Rubber Band Android Simple Sample

This is a very trivial example Android application that uses the
Rubber Band Library.

This project serves as an example of how to link to, and call to, the
Rubber Band Library from Java code in an Android application.

It is *not* an example of how to write an Android application! The
Android-specific Java code here is absolutely not something that you
should refer to in your own work. This is simply an illustration of
the use of the JNI (Android NDK) interface.

To build, first make sure the Rubber Band Library code is checked out
at the subdirectory jni/rubberband:

   $ hg clone jni/rubberband

Then run:

   $ ndk-build
   $ ant debug
   $ ant debug install

The application simply pops up an ugly window with Play and Stop
buttons and plays a canned audio file, slowed down. The file itself is
loaded (in a raw format) from an app resource. Loading audio files and
managing the UI is outside the scope of this library.

The example code is public domain; the Rubber Band Library licence is
documented separately (see