MiniBPM is a fixed-tempo BPM estimator for music audio, self-contained and implemented in a single C++ file.
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A simple beats-per-minute estimator for fixed-tempo music audio, implemented in C++ with few external dependencies.

Written by Chris Cannam, Published by Particular Programs Ltd t/a Breakfast Quay. Copyright 2007-2021 Particular Programs Ltd.


MiniBPM is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for more information.

If you wish to distribute code using MiniBPM under terms other than those of the GNU General Public License, you must obtain a commercial licence from us before doing so. In particular, you may not legally distribute through any Apple App Store unless you have a commercial licence. See for licence terms.

If you have obtained a valid commercial licence, your licence supersedes this README and the enclosed COPYING file and you may redistribute and/or modify MiniBPM under the terms described in that licence. Please refer to your licence agreement for more details.

#Building MiniBPM

Just add MiniBpm.h and MiniBpm.cpp (found in the src/ directory here) to your code project. The code is C++98 standard. MiniBPM uses some classes from the C++ standard library, but has no other dependencies.

A suite of unit tests is provided using the Boost test framework. (Note that these test the implementation of the method -- they do not give you any indication of how good the method itself is.) To run them, run make or equivalent in the tests/ directory.