Explicit init
5900c6909b30 — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Fix incorrect precision in checks for some builds
b5791de36fb2 — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Fix ipp divide_to
de8a5822c580 — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Tests and vDSP implementation for complex divide/dot
8bdc8309648c — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Add complex vector divide and dot
506df70f7466 — Chris Cannam 9 months ago
Allow zero-initialisation for things for which that doesn't necessarily mean zero
Add min, max, rms
Do the proper thing with Clang/VC
No longer using Travis
Make v_multiply more general
Add IPP and vDSP calls for multiply_and_sum (dot product)
Windows fix
Copyright dates
Switch Linux CI from Travis to Sourcehut
Avoid compiler complaints about dynamic array syntax. This is no better code, but it's less sensitive to compile options.
Add clamp
Fix case where oldchannels < channels
Add reference to other bqlibs
Fix syntax