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Update docs to mention built-in implementation
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M Makefile
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@@ 1,21 1,21 @@ 
 # Add to RESAMPLE_DEFINES the relevant options for your desired
-# third-party library support.
+# implementation and/or third-party library support.
-# Available options are
+# Available library options are
 #  -DHAVE_LIBSAMPLERATE  The libsamplerate library is available (recommended)
 #  -DHAVE_IPP            Intel's Integrated Performance Primitives are available
 #  -DHAVE_LIBRESAMPLE    The libresample library is available
+#  -DUSE_BQRESAMPLER     Compile the built-in BQ resampler (pretty good)
 #  -DUSE_SPEEX           Compile the built-in Speex-derived resampler
-# You may define more than one of these. If you define USE_SPEEX, the
-# code will be compiled in and will be used when it is judged to be
-# the best available option for a given quality setting. If no flags
-# are supplied, the code will refuse to compile.
+# You may define more than one of these, and the implementation used
+# will depend on the quality setting you request - but it is usually
+# better to stick with a single known library. If no flags are
+# supplied, the code will refuse to compile.
 # Add to VECTOR_DEFINES and ALLOCATOR_DEFINES any options desired for

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@@ 3,13 3,9 @@ bqresample
 A small C++ library wrapping various audio sample rate conversion
-Covers libsamplerate, Intel IPP, libresample, and Speex resampler
-implementations. Note however that libsamplerate is now the
-recommended option on every platform, so for new applications there is
-probably no good reason not to use it directly. Suitable for Windows,
-Mac, and Linux.
+libraries. Contains a built-in implementation and wrappers for
+libsamplerate, Intel IPP, and Speex resampler
+implementations. Suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
 Requires the bqvec library.

@@ 18,7 14,7 @@ same authors (see https://hg.sr.ht/~brea
 It has been pulled out into a separate library and relicensed under a
 more permissive licence.
-C++ standard required: C++98 (does not use C++11 or newer features)
+C++ standard required: C++11
  * To compile: read and follow the notes in Makefile, edit the Makefile,
    then make test. Or else use one of the pre-edited Makefiles in the