Shorten slightly to fit on a line
Always rebuild in bqvec, even if there is no similar Makefile - otherwise we might end up with a stale build or none at all
Use built-in resampler by default; add a Speex-specific Makefile; ensure platform tests run default Makefile last, so any output left in test/e2e/out is representative of the BQ resampler
Merge from branch resampler
Update docs to mention built-in implementation
Correct calculation of dot_length in multi-channel case, fixing buffer overrun
Add getEffectiveRatio
Fix overrun
Add reset
Refactor e2e tests, add another one
Copy ctor; some test material
Some minor debug/reporting improvements
Add quality option etc to example resampler
Fix multi-channel support
Start on multi-channel support - not yet working
No longer using Travis
Ah, the meat of that last change wasn't ever going to work - the often-changing case requires the same p-multiple for the filter as the prototype, and I'm not sure how far it's wise to have the two methods use different filter lengths
Quality adjustments
Quality settings
Avoid reallocations when ratio changes in OftenChanging mode