Small C++ library wrapping various audio sample rate conversion libraries
Shorten slightly to fit on a line
ea0f090deecc — Chris Cannam 11 months ago
Always rebuild in bqvec, even if there is no similar Makefile - otherwise we might end up with a stale build or none at all
b4bd594db169 — Chris Cannam 11 months ago
Use built-in resampler by default; add a Speex-specific Makefile; ensure platform tests run default Makefile last, so any output left in test/e2e/out is representative of the BQ resampler


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A small C++ library wrapping various audio sample rate conversion libraries. Contains a built-in implementation and wrappers for libsamplerate, Intel IPP, and Speex resampler implementations. Suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Requires the bqvec library.

This code originated as part of the Rubber Band Library written by the same authors (see It has been pulled out into a separate library and relicensed under a more permissive licence.

C++ standard required: C++11

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Copyright 2007-2021 Particular Programs Ltd. Uses Speex code, see speex/COPYING for copyright and licence information.