Small C++ library wrapping various audio sample rate conversion libraries
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A small C++ library wrapping various audio sample rate conversion libraries.

Covers libsamplerate, Intel IPP, libresample, and Speex resampler implementations. Note however that libsamplerate is now the recommended option on every platform, so for new applications there is probably no good reason not to use it directly. Suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Requires the bqvec library.

This code originated as part of the Rubber Band Library written by the same authors (see It has been pulled out into a separate library and relicensed under a more permissive licence.

C++ standard required: C++98 (does not use C++11 or newer features)

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Copyright 2007-2021 Particular Programs Ltd. Uses Speex code, see speex/COPYING for copyright and licence information.