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@@ 4,7 4,16 @@ bqfft
 A small library wrapping various FFT implementations for some common
 audio processing use cases. Note this is not a general FFT interface,
-as it handles only power-of-two FFT sizes and real inputs.
+as it handles only real inputs.
+Transforms of any length are supported, but if you request a length
+not supported by any of the library implementations provided here, or
+by any of the libraries compiled in, a simple slow DFT will be used
+instead. Of the most commonly used libraries, Accelerate and IPP
+support power-of-two lengths only, KissFFT supports any multiple of
+two (because we only use the real-input interface), and FFTW supports
+any length. You can compile in more than one library, so as to use
+e.g. VDSP for powers of two and KissFFT for other even lengths.
 Requires the bqvec library.

@@ 18,9 27,10 @@ C++ standard required: C++98 (does not u
  * To compile on Linux: Edit Makefile to select implementation, then make test.
    Do read the notes in the Makefile, and don't attempt to use the default
    implementation, which is very slow
  * To compile on macOS: make -f build/Makefile.osx test
 [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/breakfastquay/bqfft.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/breakfastquay/bqfft)
-Copyright 2007-2017 Particular Programs Ltd. See the file COPYING for
+Copyright 2007-2019 Particular Programs Ltd. See the file COPYING for
 (BSD/MIT-style) licence terms.