5a5fb028fee3 — Chris Cannam default tip a month ago
Oops! Remove diff markers
8b5b1108142f — Chris Cannam a month ago
51227c8bb29e — Chris Cannam a month ago
Add references to other bqlibs
Bitbucket -> Sourcehut
Don't build test by default after all - I was forgetting it depends on Boost
Fix memory leak
Doc notes
Tidy tests & flesh out those for non-power-of-two sizes
Behave sensibly with size 1 (which is not forbidden, just pointless)
Test all (compiled-in) implementations
Fixes to selection of default implementation: use it only if it supports the size, warn if an absent implementation is requested, allow setting "" to reset to no particular default
Fix build failure to do left-over code
Build tests by default
Merge from branch non-power-of-two
Note which size constraints the various libraries have, and use the best one that matches the actual size provided - falling back on the slow DFT if nothing matches
Add generic (slow, unscalable) DFT implementation
Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset a766fe47501b
a766fe47501b — Chris Cannam v1.0.0 2 years ago
Adjust this to match the other single-precision threshold above it; also because a recent Accelerate framework update has placed the vDSP values slightly outside that threshold for some reason we can do nothing about
154f9013827a — Chris Cannam 2 years ago
Don't try to run directories! Also adapt for the message Valgrind gives if some errors have been deliberately suppressed (currently necessary on OSX)