85868b0f215a — Chris Cannam default tip 19 days ago
Avoid compiler warning
d8890ffd7b27 — Chris Cannam a month ago
Make extensionless filenames explicitly supported in wav format, for both reading and writing
a4da53b696db — Chris Cannam a month ago
Fix frame count in Opus reader
78549bea0a91 — Chris Cannam a month ago
Add seek support to certain readers
ce51c75888f3 — Chris Cannam a month ago
Docs and build fixes
054c59f62379 — Chris Cannam 2 months ago
Fix occasional early EOF on WAV files read through CoreAudio
71b9ecc06b21 — Chris Cannam 5 months ago
Avoid divide-by-zero if no channels found
e7a04eb72042 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Avoid triggering assertion failure in ope_encoder_drain when closing having written an empty output file
fae51b1b633d — Chris Cannam 8 months ago
Further build fix
5deda0a330e9 — Chris Cannam 8 months ago
Build fixes for namespace
73b674a6e5d5 — Chris Cannam 8 months ago
Remove "using namespace std" throughout. Because the various stream sources are included into a single file, an instance of this in an earlier file can interfere with system headers included in a later one (as happens with Windows and std::byte).
Don't print errors as well as returning them
Pick up frame count
Comment only
Further doc note
Doc note
Merge from branch estimated-duration
Doc notes
Now that readExpectedTag skips mismatched chunks, we don't want to use it for the WAVE tag, which is not a chunk
Document + reorder the audio readers