Take absolute value for peak!
80912d12e4c1 — Chris Cannam 10 months ago
I forgot these were currently only in a branch of bqresample - comment for the moment until later merge there
2efd1509711f — Chris Cannam 10 months ago
Make these parameters explicit
7a8667ea7a7a — Chris Cannam 1 year, 3 days ago
Ensure latency is reported to application in terms of the source sample rate, not the target one
Fix incorrect stream reference for record latency, resulting in crash when started in record-only mode
Fix crash when started in record-only mode
Fix typo in comment
Doc notes
Copyright dates
Fix uninitialised member
Remove vestigial includes from earlier debugging
Ensure the loop thread knows it should give other threads a chance, when awoken explicitly
Avoid compiler warnings (the semicolons were spurious)
A little more logging, especially when in debug mode
Minor log improvement
Move JACK to end of listing
Minor debug output
Don't blow up if the application channel count is zero; instead wait for the system to set one. Also add log callbacks
Convert Makefiles to format similar to other bqlibs
Fix compiler warning