367419ef92e9 — Chris Cannam default tip 11 days ago
Fix uninitialised member
d52a64d1c902 — Chris Cannam 11 days ago
Remove vestigial includes from earlier debugging
ed47cdd70d75 — Chris Cannam 16 days ago
Ensure the loop thread knows it should give other threads a chance, when awoken explicitly
f7eb0990c8df — Chris Cannam 16 days ago
Avoid compiler warnings (the semicolons were spurious)
ba2eb545ebc9 — Chris Cannam 21 days ago
A little more logging, especially when in debug mode
eba3168239f8 — Chris Cannam 21 days ago
Minor log improvement
5ffd85007b28 — Chris Cannam 21 days ago
Move JACK to end of listing
70b1f78cb9c5 — Chris Cannam 25 days ago
Minor debug output
6dabcd3fc131 — Chris Cannam 29 days ago
Don't blow up if the application channel count is zero; instead wait for the system to set one. Also add log callbacks
6230847fe8a8 — Chris Cannam a month ago
Convert Makefiles to format similar to other bqlibs
06073b80cb2d — Chris Cannam a month ago
Fix compiler warning
173f7682145d — Chris Cannam a month ago
Add references to other bqlibs, etc
4fe94361597f — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Don't pass the target rate to the upstream source (the whole point is to resample)
f459c5148334 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Print a note
0c27035cb135 — Chris Cannam 7 months ago
Respond properly to changes of channel count. Previously the resampler wrapper had to be reconstructed in e.g. the case where one number of channels was requested on opening the device, but a different number was actually obtained.
0d9d36e5d063 — Chris Cannam 8 months ago
Avoid a hard-to-understand compiler error in case where no audio system is defined
It turns out pa_mainloop_prepare was treating the msec timeout as usec in PulseAudio versions before 13.0, so the value actually passed to ppoll() was very short indeed. This is fixed in 13.0 and the result was to make it quite hard for the suspend/resume thread to acquire the loop mutex, which was almost always contended. Fix this by adding a couple of yields, and lowering the timeout drastically, since it obviously worked fine with a much lower effective value anyway.
Use override
b5e34fdc1716 — Chris Cannam 2 years ago
Report failure to resample, rather than allow the exception to be propagated - there is no useful way for anyone else to catch it from here
dee809d4da1f — Chris Cannam 2 years ago
Log some sample-rate setup info