Small C++ library wrapping various audio recording and playback APIs
9f275ac85af1 — Chris Cannam default tip a month ago
It turns out pa_mainloop_prepare was treating the msec timeout as usec in PulseAudio versions before 13.0, so the value actually passed to ppoll() was very short indeed. This is fixed in 13.0 and the result was to make it quite hard for the suspend/resume thread to acquire the loop mutex, which was almost always contended. Fix this by adding a couple of yields, and lowering the timeout drastically, since it obviously worked fine with a much lower effective value anyway.
8c4162878ae6 — Chris Cannam 11 months ago
Use override
Report failure to resample, rather than allow the exception to be propagated - there is no useful way for anyone else to catch it from here


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A small library wrapping various audio record / playback APIs in C++.

C++ standard required: C++11

Copyright 2007-2017 Particular Programs Ltd.  Under a permissive
BSD/MIT-style licence: see the file COPYING for details.