fix hg-prompt to work with Mercurial 1.4
Fix the installation docs.
Adjust the screenshot URL.
Fix line-wrapping in the docs.
Make the monospaced font in the docs Monaco by default.
Document the --angle-brackets option.
Add the --angle-brackets option to keep zsh users sane.
Update the docs to work with the new version of Markdoc.
Add a few sample prompts to the documentation.
Prevent {update} from crashing in empty repos.
Add tests for {update}.
Add tests for {tip}.
Add tests for {rev}.
Add more unit tests and refactor some existing ones.
Start adding some unit tests.
Clean up the output group handling.
Replace the any* and nondefault filters with a quiet filter.
d93fe1c921f9 — Jason Harris 10 years ago
- Add |anyapplied, |anyunapplied, |anycount, and |nondefault filters.
- |anyapplied, |anyunapplied, |anycount, are filters to patch and when applied will make
 change the behavior so that if no patches are present then nothing will be printed
- |nondefault is a filter for branch that will stop anything being printed if the branch
 is the default one.  So only non-default branches are printed.
Added tag 0.2 for changeset a6ec48f03985
Adjust the doc styles a bit.