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 # Building jAsm
-jAsm currently compiles with CMake for Linux or Visual Studio 2015 for Windows.
+jAsm currently compiles with CMake for Linux.
 # Command line build with CMake in Linux

@@ 10,7 10,7 @@ To build with CMake you need CMake 3.5, 
 Clone the repository into a directory called 'jasm' and build it like this.
-	hg clone ssh://
+	hg clone
 	cd jasm
 	export CXX=/usr/bin/clang++
 	mkdir build

@@ 20,12 20,6 @@ Clone the repository into a directory ca
 More details about cross compiling for Windows is in the documentation.
-## Visual Studio on Windows
-_This isn't actively supported and may not work out of the box._
-Download Visual Studio 2015 from and install it. Double click on the `jasm.sln` file to open the project. Select the `Release` configuration and build the solution. You will get a `jasm.exe` binary in `x64\Release`.
 # Running Unit Tests
 Run the unit tests using the python script ``. It runs under Python 3.

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