Added a missing reference to the 45gs02 on the web page.
Bumped version number and updated web page.
Merge with 45gs02_support
Close 45gs02_support branch
Updated documentation about 45gs02.
Added more unit tests.
Unit tests for 45gs02.
Fixed wrong instruction data label offsets.
Added all 45gs02 specific instructions.
Fixed parsing errors.
Renamed map in sublime syntax highlight.
Renamed map in documentation.
Fixed unit tests after file renaming.
Renamed map unit tests.
Renamed map function to dict.
Cleaned up unit tests from code duplication.
Allow multiple targets for each unit test.
Added ability to make 45gs02 unit tests.
Fixed a bug in the 45gs02 addressing mode mask function.
Fixed a bug in the 65ce02 addressing mode mask function.