Fixed compile warnings in GCC.
Bumped version number and updated web page.
Generate documentation.
Fixed off-by-one error in 16 bit branch instructions.
Removed reference to old string syntax in the documentation.
Merge with default
Small web site fix.
Updated release script.
Added tag version_1.30 for changeset 5a17bdbc9b07
Bumped version number and updated web page.
Fixed a crash when a symbol definition referred to itself.
Fixed assert when alternative names of 6502 is used.
Treat a million loops as a fatal error because running several passes of that
can take too long.
Compile fixes for Clang 10.
Workaround for swedish output from the hg command.
Point out how the instruction data label is placed in indirect addressing modes.
Added 7 bit ascii conversion format.
Removed a documentation link that didn't work anyway.