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There is already a guile-dsv. A very pretty one indeed. Use that instead.
3 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M dsv-impl.scm => vsd-impl.scm
M dsv.scm => vsd.scm
M README.md +9 -3
@@ 1,10 1,15 @@ 
-# Guile-dsv
+# Guile-vsd
 The delimiter-separated values format is a superset of CSV (although headers are not currently supported). This implements a DSV parser for guile with a streaming interface and a more convenient port-exhausting or string-reading interface.
+# If you want it properly done, there is a better library:
+Look here. Much better. Modularized. Documented. Much more finite state automata: 
 # Documentation
-    (import (dsv))
+    (import (vsd))
     (define file (open-input-file "csv.csv"))
     ;; These are all the available options for the procedures in this library.

@@ 44,7 49,8 @@ I was trying my best to use data-type sp
 Re-add trimming.
-Enforce length of rows.
+Enforce length o
+f rows.
 Change the interface to allow composing with call-with-input-xxxx and the likes.

M dsv-impl.scm => vsd-impl.scm +0 -0

M dsv.scm => vsd.scm +2 -2
@@ 1,4 1,4 @@ 
-(define-module (dsv)
+(define-module (vsd)
   #:export (dsv->list dsv-file->list make-dsv-reader))
-(include "dsv-impl.scm")
+(include "vsd-impl.scm")