Added support for categories.
Added support for any file metadata via data_*.
Force 'selective if inherit is chosen.
Do not use inheritance by default in property matches
Added docs about blocks.
Added features and diff
Adding hook to export md file.
Adding ignore file
Tried to follow some elisp conventions.
Adding elisp file.
Added convenience section for docs, and tangle on save.
Added date to license
Rearranged nodes
Control export of \newcommand directives with a variable.

It really slows export down. Did not attempt to speed it up.
Fix bug where posts that had a hash but no file did not have files created.

Remove duplicated function.
Added documentation for opel-write-all.
I can now export only posts that have been modified.

Via MD5.

Not a huge improvement for photo blog. Went from 217s to about 167s.