Added tag 2.0.1 for changeset 4a8ebbca94cd
managed: a slightly better log
testedwith: now 6.1
adjust to mercurial 6.x
managed: fix cfensure pulling on a branch name

Was essentially a bytes vs str issue.
tests: capture the outputs for mercurial 6.0
commands: cleanup the imports
testedwith: a jump into the present

If someone wants to restore compatibility with older version,
she should provide compat code for the internal mercurial api changes
(config, expandpath).
tests: adjust to new outputs
managed: adjust to the new config api
tests/confman: accept warnings
managed: fix a deprecation warning on `parseurl`
managed: fix a deprecation warning (on ui.expandpath)
Added tag 2.0.0 for changeset 9bd85eb389e4
pkg: prepare version 2.0 (py3 only)
testedwith: 5.6 (entails switching Abort input to bytes)
testedwith: validate hg 5.4 and 5.5
tests/ensureconf: adjust output to new repr of an http error