provide an --insecure switch to remote operations to work around damaged certificates
doc: host the picture of a config
py3: be compatible with it, while dropping py2 compat entirely

Unfortonately we currently sacrifice `cfarchive`
for the sake of a Py3 release.

Please contribute to restore it !
Added tag 1.0.2 for changeset 8126e281550f
pkg: prepare 1.0.2
tested with: 5.3, moved to sourcehut
opts: add a global -g/--hggit switch to toggle git/hggit use (hggit by default)

To really use git: use --no-hggit

closes #62
delete trailing whitespace
tested with more hg versions
baseline: add an `ignoremaster` flag, true by default

This is an annoying artifact from hg-git
usage that we do not want to capture.
Added tag 1.0.1 for changeset 5aefc8c5cb42
test/git: repair it (git nowadays wants a user name/email)
commands: drop old bw-compat (should have been gone in 1.0)
managed: fix repo detection by giving a real path
broadcast: show return code on error

Resolves #60.
tests: fix extension location