Added tag 2.1.0 for changeset c34f8bdb4d54
pkg: provide descriptions for pypi
baseline: handle the master -> main alias
tests: acepts harmless changes
adf79e0e5531 — Vincent Hatakeyama 1 year, 4 months ago
Use setuptools-scm to extract the version number
d708bb23ef89 — Vincent Hatakeyama 1 year, 4 months ago
Add nested test
7615056b82e6 — Vincent Hatakeyama 3 years ago
Do not set rootpath when using prefix_with_layout
3dec151080ae — Vincent Hatakeyama 3 years ago
✨ add a way to use expanded projects’ layout as the base layout for subelements.
0079f9065352 — Vincent Hatakeyama 1 year, 4 months ago
Update tox configuration and add all supported mercurial versions in it
concurrency: add a global 'jobs' config item
ensureconf: implement concurrency
forge: more generic forge types registry
forge: fetch .tar.gz files instead of .zip
Initial implementation of 'cfensureconf --ci'
ensureconf: fix last regressions, most notably on tarball clone/update
commands: Refactor the cfensureconf algorithm to allow concurrency & future ci mode

Non conservative change:
The 'xxx is a partial override without its master entry' warning message has
been completely removed.
configuration: small reorganization of the clone and checkout code

The goal is to make reuse easier later on.
configuration: remove the destination directory if clone fails