Simple fileserver and uploader to share all files in a directory implemented in Guile with Wisp; supports range-requests and some more
simplify: no need for explicit suspendable-ports now that server is in a fiber
implement servent mode: serve-and-download


wispserve - tagline of your project

Description of wispserve.

See NEWS for user-visible changes.
See ChangeLog or the history for detailed changes.

## Usage

$ wispserve [options] [arguments]

## Install

$ ./ && make install

To install only for the current user, use

$ ./ --prefix=$HOME/.local && make install

Also see

$ make help

For details on installing a release, see INSTALL

## Contributors


## Release Process

* Check/Update NEWS
* Increase version in (see
* Commit, merge to stable and tag (see branching[1])
$ ./ && make distcheck

[1]: See do a release in


Built on Setting up a GNU Guile project with Autotools by Erik Edrosa: