provide explicit license information:

Permission to license his contributions under expat given by Jan
Wedekind:(thank you!)
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@@ 85,6 85,24 @@ If you want to use a curly-infix express
 [Fibonacci]: #fibonacci "Generation of the fibonacci sequence in wisp and s-expressions"
+Wisp as project is licensed under the **GPLv3 or later**. See COPYING
+for details. This explicitly includes the files examples/* and emacs
+lisp files.
+The implementation of wisp as language and implementation of
+[SRFI-119]( as well
+as the tests and supporting files are licensed under the lax
+**expat-license**: wisp-guile.w, wisp-scheme.w, wisp-reader.w,,,,,,, tests/*, testrunner.w,, and other files required to use wisp as the language.
+Providing wisp the language under the expat-license to make it easier
+to embed wisp in games that use Guile.