merge stable into default
Added signature for changeset 37c6dc612f48
Added tag v1.0.4 for changeset 6e5925471629
add second setlocale fallback (warn and proceed with ignoring unicode)
Added signature for changeset 3ef5d357654b
Added tag wisp-mode-0.2.7 for changeset 0ab387918c68
fix package-lint issues
setlocale LC_ALL "" instead of setlocale LC_ALL "foo"
merge stable into default
Added signature for changeset 2ef344bf2a34
Added tag v1.0.3 for changeset ba80bf370de0
merge wisp 1.0.3
- provide wisp script that wraps guile --language=wisp -x .w
- add Guile 3.0 to supported versions
- fix documentation: wisp allows up to 12 underscores
- new examples: heapsort, first guile-gi window, triangle, graph-algorithms (bfs),
- improved examples: faster securepassword, fix benchmarks for Python3, enter-three-witches.scm (theater scripts in Scheme), d6, evaluate-r7rs-benchmarks (csv output), download-mesh, upload-server
- download-mesh continues in its own project as wispserve:
- You can create wisp-projects with conf via conf new -l wisp PROJNAME. See
- wisp moved to sourcehut:

wisp-mode 0.2.6
- remove unnecessary autoloads

ob-wisp 0.1
- initial Org-Babel support for evaluating wisp source code in Emacs Org mode
prepare for simplified diceware
doctests with updated wisp example