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fix abstract in title: must use lowercase begin_abstract.
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@@ 103,7 103,7 @@ 
     '(("bgcolor" "bg") ("frame" "lines") ("framesep" "6pt") ("numbersep" "6pt") ("linenos" "true") ("mathescape" "true") ("fontsize" "\\footnotesize")))
 After 6 years of intense Python-Programming, I am starting into Guile Scheme. And against my expectations, I feel at home.
 # abstract environment is \huge by default, so use \large for the smaller name.

@@ 112,7 112,7 @@ After 6 years of intense Python-Programm
 # #+html: PDF-Version: <a href="./py2guile-v08.pdf">py2guile-v08.pdf</a> — Source: <a href="./py2guile.org">py2guile.org</a>.
 #+html: <div class="logo"><img src="green_tree_python-flickr-author-msvg-michael_gil-license-cc_by-and-guile-gnu-goatee-gnu-author-martin-grabmueller-license-gplv3-or-later-800x600.jpg" alt="logo"/></div>
 # skip the second page for printing with epubli.de
 #+latex: \newpage % needed for the next line to work!