more py3 compatibility
can pull and push in py3
starting a python3 conversion
4e2054a64991 — drak@kaverne default 4 years ago
note that the site_name is the path component
5fbf1e8429f9 — drak@kaverne 5 years ago
hg 3.8 API compat: norepo stored in function
47da8b1e694c — drak@kaverne 5 years ago
notification: provide command to pull

explicitly provide the command for pulling from the repo so users can simply copy and paste
4805c61a4fb4 — Arne Babenhauserheide 5 years ago
FIX for Python 2.7.11: second argument for b64encode and b64decode must be a string, not a list.
a8b3864c32bf — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
also avoid spewing the insert uri when pushing.

Previous change only took care of cloning into Freenet.
39b2f75e24a9 — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
only spew the insert uri with --debug.
46b3a18f8db7 — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
ensure that the connection to the node is always closed at exit.
87b9307f207f — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
d576bcec20af — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
fix pyFreenet repo URL
5471cac39a59 — Arne Babenhauserheide 6 years ago
fniki: on fn-wiki --run give the URL of the wiki.
e364739a34a5 — Arne Babenhauserheide 6 years ago
d28312419842 — Arne Babenhauserheide 7 years ago
polish readme
69c301ec16c1 — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
FIXME: request['target'] can be more up to date than the local listing? Maybe only when sending to myself.
81a39a5e1fba — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
split pull request status message into two functions so that on error at least the source repo survives.
cb56deb2da3c — drak@kaverne 6 years ago
use a working freenet-uri in pull-requests:

- start it with freenet://
- do not include the branch in a pull-request.
e81818121f0b — drak@kaverne 6 years ago