Create a video site updated incrementally. This is built to allow inserting into Freenet.
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#Generate Media Site

A generator for simple streaming media sites, optimized for insertion into Freenet.

Adjust site/template.html to make it match your style.

See site/gms.scm for additional information.


Run on debian (example):

sudo apt install mercurial ffmpeg mplayer grep sed wget guile-3.0
hg clone
(cd guile-media-site/media && wget
(cd guile-media-site/site && chmod +x ./gms.scm && ./gms.scm --recycle-removed)

Then use jSite or freesitemgr from pyFreenet to upload the site/ folder into Freenet.

Insert on debian (example)

sudo apt install git python3 autoconf automake openjdk-17-jdk wget grep sed gnupg curl firefox-esr
pip3 install --user pyFreenet3
git clone
(cd browser && ./ --prefix=$HOME/.local && make install)
# install Freenet if needed
~/.local/bin/freenetbrowser --install
# add guile-media-site/site
~/.local/bin/freesitemgr add
# get your site public key (the website address to give others)
~/.local/bin/freesitemgr list YOUR_SITENAME