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Dryads Sun --- rebuilt

Enter : Unknown Voice

Something feels strange.
Your hands tremble.
Standing on your feet
you hear a voice.

Unknown Voice
    Tumble Left!



Requires [Guile 3.0.1 or later]( and guile-websocket (for the webserver).


Just edit dryads-sun.w, then run it. Adapt the test-function and then
run `./dryads-sun.w --test` to start with specific scenes.

To check your plot, use `./analyze-plot.w dryads-sun.w` to list the
known, used, and unused outcomes.

For useful patterns see <>.

Install from release

    ./configure && make && make install

Install and develop from clone

    ./ # just autoreconf -i
    make && make install && make distcheck

Also see

    make help

Publish on a server

see [doc/](doc/

An example is <>

Install with Guix

(preliminary, still with hacks)

    autoreconf -i; ./configure --prefix=/tmp/; make check
    rm -rf autom4te.cache/ config.* configure
    guix build -f guix.scm
    guix package -f guix.scm

Create Release for non-guix systems

    rm -rf autom4te.cache/ config.* configure
    guix pack -L . -RR -S /gnu/dryads-sun= -e '(load "guix.scm")'

Others can then run this with

    tar xf <tarball>
    GUILE_LOAD_PATH=gnu/dryads-sun/share/guile/site/3.0/ gnu/dryads-sun/bin/dryads-sun [--server]

Copyright and License

Dryads Wake is built by Arne Babenhauserheide.

It is licensed under the AGPLv3 or later, so you can use it anyway you
see fit as long as you stick to the license and provide all who play
it with a way to access the source. See COPYING.AGPLv3

The source is located at

enter.w and other library files are licensed under the LGPLv3 or
later. Those have explicit license headers declaring the LGPL as
license. Any file without license header is AGPLv3 or later.

Game engine

Dryads Wake is built with Enter Three Witches, a game engine that
gives dialogue the center stage, similar to interactive fiction
systems. Different from typical interactive fiction, it is embedded in
Wisp, a Scheme dialect, so authors can seamlessly add their own tools when
they hit the limits of predefined options.

It is realized in Guile Scheme, the official GNU language for