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3 body system experiments


game in wisp script writing


implementation of the fully decentralized anti-spam algorithm used in Freenet, intended as fundament for testing adaptions


From Python to Guile Scheme — a natural progression. Sources for https://www.draketo.de/py2guile


Kanban tables for Emacs


convenient info lookup from Emacs, recovered clone of the repo from John Waltman


Python FCPv2 library and utilities. Clone of https://github.com/freenet/pyFreenet


Optimizing keyboard layouts


» I love the syntax of Python, but crave the simplicity and power of Lisp.«


Create a video site updated incrementally. This is built to allow inserting into Freenet.


Initialize modern autotools projects, Inspired by Mozilla Cargo but without the NIH and currently more limited in scope.


Mercurial plugin for pseudonymous, decentralized hosting of hg repos in Freenet https://www.mercurial-scm.org/wiki/Infocalypse


With Guise and Guile (Sharing the Art of) Elegant and Efficient Code

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