Vorlesung Netztechnik für DHBW


Optimizing keyboard layouts


full site data for https://www.draketo.de/index


Re-implementation of Eris with Wisp


Imported from Bitbucket


Evaluating a community-decision with several different voting algorithms


Utilities for interfacing with Freenet ( https://www.freenetproject.org ) with Guile ( https://www.gnu.org/s/guile )


Mercurial plugin for pseudonymous, decentralized hosting of hg repos in Freenet https://www.mercurial-scm.org/wiki/Infocalypse


» I love the syntax of Python, but crave the simplicity and power of Lisp.«


Simple fileserver and uploader to share all files in a directory implemented in Guile with Wisp; supports range-requests and some more


Initialize modern autotools projects, Inspired by Mozilla Cargo but without the NIH and currently more limited in scope.


Tiny utility to note the file currently playing in mpv for curating videos on the side


game in wisp script writing


Implementation of a variant of Dijkstras Guarded Command Language embedded in Wisp Scheme using Guile.


structure of the private data subrepo I use in my .emacs.d without the actual private data so I can share a public emacs.d without spilling private data

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