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wip py3.11
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wip python3.11 and urwid 2.1 compat
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Added tag 5.4.1 for changeset 7167e5962f1a
7167e5962f1a — Alain Leufroy 5.4.1 8 months ago
prepare version 5.4.1
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process.py: fix python 3.10 compat

See https://docs.python.org/3/whatsnew/3.10.html#removed

"The loop parameter has been removed from most of asyncio‘s high-level API"
Added tag 5.4.0 for changeset 19cb181bb4d8
Prepare version 5.4.0
main packer widget: preserve a little bit more the preferred user orientation

for example, on a small screen size, if the user specify HORIZONTAL,
when the screen is reduced, we preserve the horizontal orientation.
main widget: allow user to specify a maximalized pane on startup.
main packer widget: preserve focus and maximalization while changing split orientation

Mostly, when the user reduces the window size, `gh` changes
automatically the split orientation. In this case, `gh` should
preserve the focused pane and maximalization.

To do so, We build the columns/pile widgets once and apply
focus/maximalization to both everytime.
widget: allow users to maximize the focused pane

Just enlarge the focused pane.

Note: users can maximize the patch pane, and browse the tree with
widget: allow users to specify the default orientation

Related to https://todo.sr.ht/~alainl/lairucrem/4
widget: coding-style, use constant symbols
widget: coding-style
widget: code simplification

Guessing orientation depends only on the screen size. The previous orientation is meaningless there.
widget: let user choose main window splitting orientation

Related to https://todo.sr.ht/~alainl/lairucrem/4
widget: refactorization
widget: recompute the main widget orientation only when the screen size changed

There is no need to compute it every time.
setup: fix version