305ef1b4bb16 draft — Alain Leufroy default tip 1 year, 3 months ago
limit number of async processes using `config.PRCESSES_NB`
036e3ee2ce42 draft — Alain Leufroy 1 year, 4 months ago
🚸 reduce cpu usage

- kill subprocess in a better way
- call patch subprocess more sequentially
0d84d4ff42a1 draft — Alain Leufroy 1 year, 5 months ago
♻️  controller: use a dedicated class to patchlist walker

I will add dedicated logics in it.
e3a30d882f61 draft — Alain Leufroy 1 year, 5 months ago
🚸 cpuload: kill tasks on when changing focused changeset.

It seems that asyncio does not kill subprocesses handled by a
cancelled task.
3a489d0f1312 — Alain Leufroy 1 year, 21 days ago
Added tag 5.2.0 for changeset 13432dd8ce13
setup: fix version

6957f66d7cf5 — Alain Leufroy 1 year, 21 days ago
CI: add Makefile to help publishing lairucrem
d49d5524e472 — Alain Leufroy 1 year, 21 days ago
mixin: fix "search" in TREE pane

When combining multiple mixins, we must propagate `_connect_signals`
call to every mixins.
Added tag 5.1.0 for changeset 995421722a32
prepare 5.1.0
compat: mercurial 5.3 executed with python 3
Added tag 5.0.0 for changeset 29ee1bfe42cf
prepare 5.0.0
🔥 remove `--config` cli option

`eval` is not a good idea and we do not requires this anymore.
So, wait until we have a good solution.
fix:  `takes {X} positional arguments but {X+1} were given`
fix: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'selectable'

Introduced by new urwid version.
cli: add --debugger option
config: change horizontal scroll keys

We'd like to allow browsing the repository data using keys
only. That's why `left`/`right` was used to change the focused
pane. By this way, users can browse the graph history AND read patches
using its right hand on arrow keys.

Using `left` / `right` is quite intuitive but it breaks a really
useful rule. Horizontal scrolling seems to be used less often.

`<` / `>` are not so bad. Looking at
almost layouts have close `<` / `>` except `Azeri/Azerbaijani layout` (sorry guys).
scroll the whole graph tree

IMPORTANT: CURSOR_LEFT, CURSOR_RIGHT now slides the graphtree. The
           cannot be used to change focused pane anymore.

The main purpose of this feature is to see the graph when branches
overflow the viewport. so, scrolling only one line doesn't help.
🎨 clean up code