GodPaint can now export BufferedImages.

Also have a JImageWriter interface.  I might switch it up before release; in particular I'm considering switching from an export method that takes both a BufferedImage and a File, to having a constructor that takes a BufferedImage, and an export that simply takes the File to export to.
20ba4b2f959d — Quintillus 4 years ago
Forward-compatibility improvements.  Java 14 cares about having an h1 before an h3, so switching to h1.  Not sure I like this, and might switch it to <b> or <em> or something like that instead.
b3c8c9248d68 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Forward-compatibility improvements.  Bump JaCoCo so it works with Java 5 through Java 14.  Add a -source option for the JavaDoc plugin; if you are compiling with JDK 14, then set it to 1.7, and it'll ignore the module system.  Also set the version to 1.2.1-SNAPSHOT.
669818072d82 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Switch PCX to use a low-RAM bitmap.

The general tradeoff is low RAM is low RAM, but has higher access time for the RGB components of a pixel, as it reconstructs a color first.  However, for the getPixelRGB component that createBufferedImage uses, the LowRAM one is actually more efficient as what it stores are the RGB value.  Thus, it should really be the default all around.

Practically, this lowers RAM usage enough that all PCX tests now pass on 32-bit Java 5 with default RAM limits, whereas before they didn't.
dea902a179cf — Quintillus 4 years ago
Add Falcon True Color support.
7af9758223bd — Quintillus 4 years ago
Remove methods that can be inherited from the superclass.
b2ba0b1d0fd6 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Add SPI support for IndyPaint.

It lends itself to that rather conveniently with its 248 bytes of zeros.
178d9687130b — Quintillus 4 years ago
Simplify GodPaintReader by relying on superclass methods where possible.
470cf785eb39 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Proper JavaDocs for IndyPaint.
fc592c2472ff — Quintillus 4 years ago
Add IndyPaint as a newly supported format.
2a59c95c2db2 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Correct typo in JavaDoc.
a4a3fc0c693a — Quintillus 4 years ago
Improve the JavaDoc comments to clearly state compatibility with different versions of each format, and to be nicely divided into paragraphs for readability.

This is the culmination of migrating compatibility documentation from the Wiki to the JavaDocs, where it should be easier to maintain.  All documentation is now believed to be up-to-date as well.
290937a98d58 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Pom now has 1.2.0 version.
b2aebf2bdd9e — Quintillus 4 years ago
Additional documentation.
c8df89fcbb6d — Quintillus 4 years ago
Update the documentation on which bitmaps are supported.

This is now more up-to-date than the Wiki.  The plan going forward is to update the JavaDoc documentation as support is added, and then to synchronize the Wiki documentation to that.
b0b031967922 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Remove printlines/change them to debug logs.
4065f1765af2 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Updating JavaDoc documentation across a variety of the classes.  Some additional info, some additional methods, and some formatting.
6c6cb0641b23 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Tests that were updated due to package renaming.

Since ImageComparisonTest handles reader access for most of them, there are deceptively few tests here relative to the amount of classes refactored.
559a20def992 — Quintillus 4 years ago
A whole bunch of refactoring.  Primarily around grouping classes properly into packages.  Also some package-info.java documentation.

Since a more proper release is imminent, it seemed like a good idea to do this now, while almost no one (and possibly no one at all) is using the library.
41dcd2cd9413 — Quintillus 4 years ago
Add distribution/GPG sections to the pom.  It's now prepared (along with the Maven settings.xml, which is at the user level) for deployments.