847eb825d897 — QuintillusCFC default tip 5 years ago
Add another Gopher recipe vault.
79e9698e1b94 — QuintillusCFC 5 years ago
Loop through sub-directories and files, and handle (ASCII text) files properly.
eb6ea966790a — QuintillusCFC 5 years ago
Parse out the structure of the Gopher file.
a8595a792484 — QuintillusCFC 5 years ago
Wait for potential secondary/tertiary/etc. replies.  This happens if the reply is too big to fit in a single TCP frame.

Also restructure the code some to improve readability.  The core loops are still very unintuitive, but the rest is decent now.
fda6625f8803 — QuintillusCFC 5 years ago
First version.  Fetches a Gopher page, at least so long as there's only one server reply.