Standardize pedia icon paths to use forward-slashes (/) so they will work cross-operating-system.
Clarify the market vs lux slider attributes.
#183 - Properly update the stealth target list when a unit is deleted.
1b57222e3331 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Add logging info about the likely cause of the UNIT header failing.
635bfccd73c1 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Restore JDK 1.5 compatibility for Shared Projects.  Had added some diamond operators.
feaa95f43a92 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Add methods for getting the "hard" owner of a tile, based on direct city/colony/unit control of it (versus borders, which the "owner" and "ownerType" variables cover).
413334715f76 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Add test BIQ files that I forgot to add when adding them to the test suite.
dfb8d02b9f95 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Tests for the new method.
a62687857062 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Add a river connection convenience check.
f39b5f177370 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Default the citizens quelled per military unit to 1 instead of 0.
990ea7c9eaa6 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Initialize the SLOCs for ancient BIC files that don't have them.

This allows a converted version 2.10 BIC to be loaded in-game.  The entire test suite is also now passing, although 2.05 is a little suspicious as a non-failing error is printed to the console.
f6240b909da6 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Use new convenience methods for setting/checking status of TILE start location.

Avoids proliferation of bitwise operations.  Also avoids minor mistakes such as using XOR instead of OR in the addStartingLocation method.  That should not be a problem in that case, but shows the risk of error when using bitwise operations wildly.

Also set up the structure for adding SLOCs for ancient BIC files.
b7cf4b35a967 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Set more sensible defaults for new GAME sections.
6dccf3d2313f — Quintillus 2 years ago
Extract the GAME initialization, and add playable civ to it.  Honestly still not 100% sure it's correct.  The test passes, but it's not openable in the Firaxis editor, and there are some suspicious error messages in the test, albeit not enough to fail it.
1d5a75a1b1d4 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Fix some data-length-on-save issues when converting from early Vanilla in ESPN and RULE, and a paren-on-wrong-line RULE issue.  Set sensible default defaults for border factor for early BIC files without this setting.
3164431b8a3d — Quintillus 2 years ago
Add support for custom rules in version 2.05 BIC files.

We also have support for version 4.01 (the final vanilla version).  While I am not 100% about all the versions in between, this bookended support should get us a good chunk of the way there.
87f4cabca237 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Add a test for verifying binary equality when AoI 4.1 is opened and saved, going forward.
0b2fb62d7872 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Only add default starting units if specifically requested.

This fixes the bug where starting units are incorrectly added to opened BIQs.
e3e3cfe3c624 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Fix characters in the 80-9F range of the Windows-1252 charset not being written out correctly, due to the charset not being specified when writing the string out, and a default (likely ISO-8859-1) being used instead.

This fixes characters such as Ž, œ, and š, useful for Czech, Croatian, medieval Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, and Sorbian, among others - although not all of these languages necessarily have all of their needed characters supported in a Civ3-compatible charset.

In practice, this has been seen with Serbian names such as Božidar Jankovic.

This fix will ensure that the currently selected charset is used regardless of the charset - i.e. it is compatible with Windows-1251 for Russian and GBK for Chinese, and likely enhances their compatibility.