Add a readme, which also serves as an index.  Would have been nice to have one
last year for looking at it in retrospect.
Splitting up the Day Five code and starting to add a bit of quality.

Still definitely don't have the tests in order, but there's more hope of
being able to build on it if need be.

Also starting to listen to IntelliJ's commit code analysis.  (Re-?)learned
primary constructor syntax, that's pretty cool.
Move the Day Five puzzles into their own package and classes.

This was the most egregious poor coding practice.  Though far from the only one; Day Five remains at the top of the list for code quality improvements.
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Day Eight Gold

This wound up being a bit too complex to just put in a test, but oh well,
it has been done.
Day Eight Silver
Include correct puzzle solution.
Day Seven Gold
Day Seven Silver

Yeah, this definitely jumped a bit in complexity and needs refactored
and to be broken down into more testable components.
Day Six Silver

Taking a much slower, more methodical approach (with tests!) now that I'm not trying to solve it at midnight.
Day Five Gold
Day Five Silver
Instill a little bit of code quality into Day Four's code.

Still not great, but at least there's a chance of being able to build on top of it without the whole structure collapsing.
Added tag december_4 for changeset 504f597dc415
Day Four Gold

Still basically no code quality.
Day Four Silver.

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