Advent of Code 2020, with publishing delayed by one day
Add a readme, which also serves as an index.  Would have been nice to have one
Splitting up the Day Five code and starting to add a bit of quality.
Move the Day Five puzzles into their own package and classes.


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#Advent of Code 2020

This is my Advent of Code 2020 repo. I chose to program this year's puzzles in Kotlin.

You can read more about Advent of Code at .

#Index of Puzzles

Curious how I solved a puzzle? Clone the project, open it in your favorite IDE, and open the file that contains the top-level test for each day. Then you can drill down into the solutions. Please note these file names may become outdated as the project evolves.

  • December 1 -
  • December 2 - TobogganPasswordTest.kt
  • December 3 - TobogganTreesTest.kt
  • December 4 - passportTest.kt
  • December 5 - AirplaneSeatTest.kt
  • December 6 - CustomsCheckerTest.kt
  • December 7 - BagTypeTest.kt
  • December 8 - DayEightTest.kt

You can also look at the Mercurial tags, which point to the first commit that includes a solution for a day's puzzle. Some of these solutions are pretty rough, particularly on the days when I was trying to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible!