Actually exit on exit.

Didn't notice this in the IDE but running from the terminal it was hard not to notice.
Add log4j to the pom for improved logging.
Add stocks available to the Acquisition Advisor report.
Runway now calculates accurately in cases where a company's equity is negative, but it has cash reserves.  In such cases, runway is now the amount of time until its cash reserves are depleted.
Integrate bonds into the Company Profitability report.

Both one-year-at-a-time and over multiple years.

With loans and lines of credit as remaining asterisks, this now presents a more accurate picture of profitability.
Integrate bond info into the Yearly Market Summary.

This includes both adjusting expenses to not deduct bond payoffs (which weren't counted as revenue when issued), and showing them in the list (at least for now).
Add auto-save monitoring.  The reports now auto-update within 5 seconds of a new autosave being created.
Add a Bonds report.  This shows all known bonds.
Add 2nd Gear compatibility to Average Top Speed.

This completes all the Market Trends conversions.  Still need to test the
Geography one but I need to play a real game (not AI only) for that.
Add 2nd Gear support for Average Gear report.
Add 2nd Gear compatibiity to the Gear Count report.
Add 2nd Gear compatibility for Combined Suspension.
Add an average emissions by vehicle report.

Also fix a NPE when a MarketTrends report has no data returned.
Fix the errors thrown by Geographic Comparison when there are no results.

This was actually not due 2nd Gear issues but due to zero results being returned because I never sold any vehicles in the autoplay game.
Add 2nd Gear and brand support to Sales by Type.
Add 2nd Gear support to Gearbox Type.
Add 2nd Gear support to Front/Rear suspension, and combine them.

Not sure it was really worth combining them, but they're parameterized now.
Add 2nd Gear support for the Chassis and Chassis Drivetrain reports, and allow filtering by brand.
Fix a NPE when the user cancels out of the open dialog.
Add 2nd Gear support for valvetrains and induction systems.