c8260f7237c1 — QuintillusCFC default tip 4 months ago
Set a version in the title in advance of releasing it.
Make the tabs that are supposed to be non-closeable non-closeable.

And fix the company linking on the AcquisitionAdvisor.
Add branch info to the Acquisition Advisor.
Add an "acquistion advisor" report that for now focuses on figuring out which potential acquisitions would add factories to the player's automotive empire.
Add marque option to induction system and fuel type.
Add a company detail chart that charts profits over time, without counting stock transactions.

Makes it pretty easy to see the trend for a company.
Fetch the report asynchronously at the beginning.  Theoretically speeds up load, although this is a light report so the impact is small.
Add a marque selector that is used for the valvetrain report; dynamically enable or disable dropdowns based on selection and whether they should be enabled or not.

Also put the report selector first since it's the main determinant of what else should be selectable.
Add a combined-suspension report.
Allow (and make the default) viewing marque sales across all countries combined.

This is much faster if you have a lot of marque-country combos, and is also more useful for seeing the high level picture of "which marques sell the most?"

I think at this point this chart is nice and flexible and probably at or near its end state.  It is time to either add other options such as districts, or perhaps more likely, add a geography-by-revenue report.
Dynamically update the title based on country/marque selections.
Add the ability to filter based on country for the Marque Comparison (now Geographic Comparison) chart.

This is handy as marque-country combos proliferate, and lets you see which countries prefer which marque more easily.  Those Dutch like their higher-end marques; the Belgians have more modest tastes, for example.
Add average torque, top speed by type, and sales by type.
Improve naming of some old methods, fix 1 cylinder sorting last instead of first in the cylinder query.
Set the default file-opening directory to the folder where the most recent save lives, if possible.

This makes it much more convenient to switch saves, it's no longer necessary to have the Explorer folder or a reference to its path up all the time.
Initialize the Marque Comparison when it is clicked on.  Since even the JavaFX part alone can slow the UI way down (including on other tabs), this keeps performance optimal by lazy-loading the slow tab.

Eventually perhaps we will wish to default that tab to a faster report, but we know how to do this now regardless.
Add player marques to averaage gear count.  Protect against NPEs from empty labels that aren't anticipated.  Don't load the Marque Comparison by default because it is slow.
Add valvetrain and induction system.
Add drivetrain and suspension charts.
Add Average Horsepower in the FXML.