Additional reports for the game Gear City
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#Gear City Executive Secretary - Additional Reports for Gear City

This utility gives additional reports for the game Gear City (, allowing you to make more informed decisions as CEO of an auto company.

You can view its Steam thread at, and can also submit bugs and ideas to the issue tracker associated with the project on SourceHut. Downloads of compiled .jar files are available from the Steam thread (near the bottom of the first post). For now, that is also a more likely place to find up-to-date summaries of the reports.


There are three reports as of the August 2021 update:

#Industry-Wide Profitability


  • Shows income/expenses/profitability while excluding stock sales (including IPOs and issuing new shares) and stock purchases, giving a more realistic view of profitability than the in-game Company List report.
  • Includes columns for Margin, Market Cap, and Price/Book to help you make informed decisions about where to invest.
  • Includes columns for Company Equity and Runway (how long until their equity goes negative) to help you decide whether you should sell, and also to know if any bankruptcy bids are likely to occur soon.


  • You can view multiple years at once, e.g. see the totals across the past 3, 5, or even 20 years instead of one year at a time. Don't let a profitable-for-one-year-only company fool you into investing in them!
  • You can jump directly to a specific year. Want to see the 1905 results when it's 1955? No need to click "Previous" fifty times.
  • You can view results for the current year-in-progress - just save the game and reload to get an update, no need to wait for January. Note that the "Runway" column works best when viewing the previous year's data (it assumes all years have 12 months).


  • Bond repayments are included in expenses in both this report and the in-game Company List report, although only the coupon payments really affect profitability (versus cashflow, where bond repayments do matter)

#Yearly Market Sales


  • Shows the worldwide sales of all vehicle types by year
  • Useful to tell at a glance if the market is shrinking

#Defunct Companies


  • Shows companies that went bankrupt, or were acquired (and remain subsidiaries, e.g. not spun out again)
  • Includes year of founding and year of going bankrupt/acquired
  • Sort of a "company graveyard" memorial that I felt was missing.