Add proper error logging.
Add stock results that show which companies have shares available.
Retrieve cash on the Profit/Book Results.
Don't update bond info if we've reloaded an earlier save.  That would mark bonds as paid off at the old save's date.

Also allow bond info to be part of annual results.
Don't update the paid off date if we already knew it was paid off.
Bonds - Include company name in what we track for ease of display.
Finish bond analyzer.  It should now accurately track bond info.
Start work towards processing bonds.

The plan is to fetch both the known ones and the GC ones.  Any new GC ones
should be added to our database.  Any that we know that mature should be marked
as matured on the actual matured column.  I believe it's likely that the AI
always waits till the term ends, but humans and perhaps AIs may pay off early
as well.  We can only track that accurately if we look for it and keep that
Add 2nd Gear compatibility to Average Top Speed.

This completes all the Market Trends conversions.  Still need to test the
Geography one but I need to play a real game (not AI only) for that.
Add 2nd Gear support to Average Gear report.
Add 2nd Gear compatibiity to the Gear Count report.

Also commit the proposed categorization of reports as there are a bit many now.
Add 2nd Gear compatibility for Combined Suspension.
Add an average emissions by vehicle report.

Also commit the query files.
Add 2nd Gear and brand support to Sales by Type.
Add 2nd Gear support to Gearbox Type.

Also add all newly-brand-supported reports to that list.
Add 2nd Gear support to Front/Rear suspension, and combine them.

Not sure it was really worth combining them, but they're parameterized now.
Add 2nd Gear support for the Chassis Drivetrain report, and allow filtering by brand.
Add 2nd Gear support for the Chassis report, and allow filtering by brand.
Add 2nd Gear support for induction systems.
Add 2nd Gear support for valvetrains.