a07db223f273 — QuintillusCFC default tip 2 years ago
Copied the updates over to the distribution version.  It passed manual testing
successfully, in 1900, 1960, and 2020.  Looks like we're good to go.
54e22418d4c7 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Adjust the wages in 2020 for Portugal and Spain.

This should make things be fully up-to-date.
c96e41e58e17 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Adjust the wages for 2020 in France.
0fbfaf759f5f — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Update the wages for the cities that already existed.
58cca995f5f5 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add per capita income for Portugal/France in 2020, and auto-adjust the 1900 values.

Still need to get the wages adjusted, so the workers get a raise.
10b345e1c51d — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Adjust GPS coordinates in Calais, Rouen, and Lille.  Found that there is an
offset of about 0.32 south needed, at least in northern France (may be less
as we approach the equator).  East/west is more in line.

If the 0.32 approach stands, the other cities should also be adjusted, and
some in Portugal/Spain near the coast are good candidates.  But Calais was
the most obviously wrong.  Probably going to save future adjustments for when
I have more infrastructure in place for non-manual updates.
736423b5fe77 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Economic growth for France and Portgual has now been interpolated.
370d8f82cf45 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Update the status in the spreadsheets, and separate totals for added versus
ca0a7726ff25 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add French and Portuguese city infrastructure to the XML files.
1b90c1895349 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add three more cities to Portugal to reduce the 1900 to 2020 gap.

Portugal still has the largest gap at 19%, but it's much reduced.  Spain is 11%,
and France 6%.  See table at http://www.statoids.com/upt.html for more provinces
to add if need be.
6e507c64a30b — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add the remainder of the French demographic and economic data.

Added a few more cities as well, including Dijon as the largest non-included
metropole, and a few provinces that were proportionally more important in 1900
than 2020, in an effort to keep a more consistent population percentage over
time.  1950 and 2020 still outweigh 1900, but it narrows the gap.
fa393ed1ee99 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add info about a lot of the French cities.
0e8729c5b8e9 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add development and GDP levels for Portugal.
f7a2d25647d6 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Interpolate growth values.  This has actually affected cities I haven't touched.
My guess is the original values are from the Base City map, where there was
also a 1920 file and various other mid-points; now it's just an average of 120
97d2ce67d125 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Add GDP data for 2020.
771592092268 — Quintillus 2 years ago
Update the infrastructure values for all the cities.

Also add a copy batch file for my desktop.  Ideally it would use environment
vars or the registry to do it automagically, but that's more work.
50da6fee90bf — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Convert the spreadsheet to version-control friendly.  Add city-level pops for
39e6abe2040b — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add the remainder of the Spanish cities up to 600K (and a bit below).

This gets Spain to 71.9% of the historical population, more than France's 59.5%.
So we can probably move on to the next country.
4970293442b5 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Add 10 provinces in Spain.  Switch from a region approach to a province one,
which is more akin to what I did in France and Portugal.

Also started a spreadsheet to keep track of all the data.  This includes 1950
populations for an eventual intermediate point, as well as a rough guesstimate
of infrastructure based on how urban an area is.  This may not be the best proxy,
but is what is available for now.  It also could use some checking to ensure
smaller, but still metropolitan, areas, are counted.  I've weighted it so
infrastructure should generally rise over time as well, regardless.
9105b8f488a2 — QuintillusCFC 2 years ago
Committing the distribution version.  I got the mod tools to export it once,
but it has been a huge pain trying to get it to work reliably, either via the
mod tools, or manually.  Finally got it updated manually, so committing it.

The files *do* have to have the naming scheme used here; shortening the names
does not work (e.g. mod_Europe Expanded__Europe Test_City 1900.xml cannot be
simply City1900.xml).

Other notes:
 - The Mod Tools never shows the compatible maps correctly when opening a mod.
   Not sure why; if you add a map it starts working.
 - Need to add an XML validator; part of the problems I ran into were due to a
   missing double quote in a new city entry.
 - Should add a batch script to automatically update this distribution copy.
   Too much of a pain and too error-prone to do so manually.
 - Should add the Steam DB key to this as well.