Code to read/write Civilization III BIQ files in Java, as well as partial support for SAV files.


A third-party scenario editor for the game Civilization III.


Mod for the game Gear City. Builds out the Europe map to make it interesting.


Additional reports for the game Gear City


Data for processing Gear City data.


Archives threads (including embedded images) from civfanatics.com; likely adaptable to other XenForo sites as well


An image reader that reads various image formats into BufferedImage objects.


Imported from Bitbucket




Advent of Code 2020, with publishing delayed by one day


From partaking in Advent of Code 2019. A mix of C and Java solutions.


A client library for the Gemini protocol.


Utility for finding broken CFC download links. Currently targets the old, no-longer-existing vBulletin version; needs some updating.


Archives Gopher sites to your local hard drive


BitBucket issue importer with slightly higher JSON tolerance than the official importer.

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